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What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is a formal arrangement whereby the businesses in an area come together to fund, manage, and implement, an agreed programme of projects designed to improve the trading environment of the area to the benefit of all the businesses. The projects are in addition to those services already provided by the local council. There are now over 37 BIDs in operation across Scotland, and over 300 across the UK. Supporting our towns and cities, they play a vital role and are pivotal to the development of town centres throughout the country.

Mission Statement

BID St Andrews will channel investment for the benefit of local businesses and the community. Delivering a series of projects and services that will continue to create a more vibrant business environment focused on delivering an enhanced customer experience, a platform for sustainable economic recovery post COVID 19 and support the reputation of the town as a key destination for consumers, local community and investment.

Our Commitment

For the past 5 years, and heading with energy into the next five, BID St Andrews has contributed greatly to the transformation of St Andrews, which is now firmly established as a dynamic and economically viable place to work and own a business. 

In addition to our business plan, we are also committed to the wider St Andrews community, as demonstrated in our partnership projects with the many community groups and stakeholders in town.  More recently, we have played a lead role in connecting local businesses and residents to deliver vital services through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moving forward, we will continue to work together with employers, residents, the public sector, transport partners, workers, and visitors to make St Andrews a fully integrated destination that works for all its community. We are clear that we can plan more effectively, and deliver more widely, when we work collectively.

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