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Join the Board

BID St Andrews Board is now looking for new board members to help deliver the 2021-2026 Business Plan.

The BID St Andrews Board will be composed of a broad cross-section of BID levy-paying businesses, organisations, and individuals. Ideally the Board should represent all sectors within the town and be made up of nationals, independents, professional& financial services, hospitality, food & drink, health & personal care, charitable, other sectors & local authority.

We are particularly keen to have people who bring experience & knowledge of Hospitality, Retail, Commercial Property, Event Delivery, HR & Marketing & PR, Digital & Social Media Campaigns 

To ensure that a range of relevant sectors & skills are represented on the Board, all candidates will need to set out their experience and their commitment to ensuring the success of the BID St Andrews.

Board Director Job Description


  • Board members are required to become Directors of the BID Company, BID St Andrews Ltd, and to serve on the BID Board in a positive and collaborative manner, promoting the work of the BID representing it positively and working in the best interest of all levy payers.

  • To contribute to the development of BID strategy for the town centre and the ability of the BID to positively influence other decision makers in support of this.

  • To ensure that the interests of levy payers are represented professionally, and that ‘best value’ is delivered by all BID activities on their behalf.

  • To ensure that the BID operational and financial performance is of the highest standard and that the outcomes of all BID activities are aligned with the agreed Business Plan.

  • To provide support to the BID Manager

Key Requirements

  • Attend Board Meetings on a regular basis and participate positively. There are 12 Board Meetings each year, including an Annual General Meeting, and it is expected that a Board Member will attend a minimum of 8 meetings annually. Each Board Meeting lasts no longer than 2 hours

  • The BID holds regular networking events, training events and sector group meetings and forums (mostly virtual for now) and Board Members are expected to attend on several occasions each year. Specifically, Board Members will be asked to act as a host at least one networking event each year to ensure that levy payers are able to meet them and interact with everyone on the Board during a year.

  • Board Members are also expected to represent their sector or part of the town. This means any concerns or views from their represented sectors or areas are gathered prior to a Board Meeting and communicated back afterwards. 

  • Board Members may wish to join a relevant sub-committee or working group, such as they arise.

  • For those organisations with a designated position on the Board their representative shall remain in post for as long as the organisation exists, wants their representative in post, or for as long as the individual is an employee of that organisation.

Length of Service

​Board members can serve for the length of the current BID term, in this case until August 2026, at which time they can nominate themselves for another term, subject to a successful ballot.


Board Members do not receive any remuneration. 

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