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Working for Your Business. Preparing for the future.

Over the past 20 months you have given us your opinions, ideas and input and our 2021 - 2026  Business Plan is now live. The Ballots have been sent out and we now need your support to ensure that we can continue to deliver the projects and plans to ensure that St Andrews thrives as a centre for business and a centre of community.

BID St Andrews Renewal Ballot

Buiness Plan 2021-2026
Vote Yes on BID Renewal


BID St Andrews requires your support in July 2021; we urge you to join us on the next stage of our journey and commit to investing in a shared vision of St Andrews for the future. It is our belief that by working together as a collective, with one voice, we are stronger, louder and more effective. We are open for business and very much ready for our second term of BID St Andrews: Working for Your Business.

What People Say

Peter Wood

Owner - St Andrews Wine Company

After initially being a sceptic, I realised that without the BID the town wouldn’t have any group representing ALL the businesses in town and, for the relatively small annual bill, a local business enables the BID to be a full-time voice for them on local matters. Even if you don’t care about Christmas lights, battles with the council, promoting the town or any of the countless other things the BID contributes to St Andrews, the BID's support of Clean & Green is worth the levy alone. 
Locally owned businesses need to realise that the national chains in town pay more than they do yet rarely see, nor do they want, any direct benefit from paying their levy. If local companies engage with BID, they can influence where the big business’ money is spent - it isn’t robbing the rich to feed the poor, but it isn’t far off!

Chris Pritchard

Owner - Gentle Dental St Andrews 

Being in the health care sector, it may appear on the surface that BID wouldn’t necessarily be of relevance to my business. However, having seen the undoubted benefits that BID has brought to the town over the last few years, I couldn’t be more wrong.  The team at BID have provided a unified voice to tackle issues ranging from litter and bin collections, antisocial behaviour and parking problems. My staff have also been able to take part in tailor made, customer service training and social media courses which have provided great value for money in terms of the small levy paid. I will certainly be supporting the BID renewal process and would encourage any other business to do the same!  

Chloe Milne

Director - Fisher & Donaldson

BID St Andrews has been of huge help to us providing support throughout lockdown. From their hardworking Clean & Green team to our town’s festive lights; from the St Andrews Day celebrations to the ongoing promotion of the town, the BID brings business owners and managers together and has represented us on countless campaigns and initiatives to make St Andrews the best town for businesses, locals and visitors. 

Hugh Waddell

Owner - Northpoint Cafe

As the owner of a Local business which is now in its third decade, I can say without reservation that the St Andrews BID years are stand out. Generally, the achievements in Town Centre Development speak volumes, more particularly the bringing together of the business community, whether you represent a multi-national company or run a small independent store. Having the One Stop Shop style of organisation, coordinating and nurturing our collective interests provides a reassurance for all. I would not wish to be without a St Andrews BID."
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2nd Term Commencement

17th June 2021

29th July 2021 at 5:00 PM

30th July 2021

30th July 2021

2nd August 2021






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