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  • When is the BID St Andrews ballot?
    The Ballot opens on the 17th June 2021 and runs until the 29th July 2021 at 5.00pm The result will be announced on the 30th July 2021.
  • Who runs the Ballot process?
    The Ballot will be conducted by Fife Council’s Electoral Services. Gill Prestage, Lead Office, Electoral Service will oversee the Ballot.
  • Who is entitled to vote on BID Proposals?
    The person or nominated person, registered company, or organisation who is the ratepayer for the don-domestic rates.
  • When will the Ballots be issued?
    The Ballots will be issued by Fife Council to arrive from 17th June 2021.
  • How will the Ballot Work?
    The Ballot must meet two criteria. Firstly, there must be a simple majority, in favour, of over 50% of all votes cast. Secondly, those voting in favour must represent a majority by rateable value of all the casted votes.
  • How is the BID Funded?
    St Andrews BID is funded by the BID Levy. The Levy is set at 1.5% of rateable value of the property as of the 29th July 2021 (TONE Date). The BID Levy is payable for all properties with a rateable value of £10,000 and over. Levy will Be capped at properties with a rateable value of £300,000
  • When is the BID Levy Payable?
    Fife Council will send you a BID Levy Account for you to pay on behalf of BID St Andrews and is paid directly to the Council. The first account , representing 8 months of Levy, will be sent out in September 2021 The Accounts will then be sent out on the 1st of April each year.
  • I am not a BID member, can I still benefit from BID St Andrews?"
    Businesses in the BID area, not eligible to pay the BID levy are encouraged to sign up as an Opt in member and to become a full member of the BID Company.
Frequently Asked Questions
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